Heidi Knecht-Seegers

Heidi Seegers

Heidi Seegers

For over twenty years, Heidi Knecht-Seegers, has been actively involved in real estate as a buyer, landlord, and building manager in both the Capital/Saratoga/Washington County region, as well as in New York City. She is currently channeling her experience into helping people buy and sell personal and investment properties.

If you are a buyer, Heidi is perfectly suited to help you find the house of your dreams: the house with the right look, accessibility to amenities, and ultimately, the right price. If you are a seller, Heidi’s many years as a photographer and graphic designer will ensure that your property is always beautifully and uniquely portrayed. In addition, her extensive computer background will enable her to guide you smoothly through the new and changing world of electronics. She will help you understand how technology has so enhanced the field of real estate, and what a benefit it is to both buyers and sellers.

From the beginning to the end of the process, Heidi’s tenacity, people skills, emphasis on communication, and production competence will guide you through the various stages of each transaction: from negotiating the deal, to contract, to closing. Her attention to detail as well as to the overall picture will result in successful deals and satisfied clients.

Whether you are looking for an agent with small town or big city experience, Heidi will help you realize your goals with the highest level of professionalism and expertise!

“Please call me today for all of your real estate needs.”