Local Knowledge, a Helpful Tool When Looking to Buy a House

June 19th, 2008 by reynolds

When you begin searching for a home, one of the best decisions that you can make is to go to your local real estate agent and tell them exactly what you are looking for. Real estate agents working as a buyer agent help people find a home in less time and often at a better price, and the best part is that this service won’t cost you anything. Real Estate agents working as a buyer agent split commissions with the selling agent, so why go it alone; why not have free help from a knowledgeable professional.
Residential real estate agents are specialized in knowing their local markets, and can help you find your dream home. Even though you may have access to thousands of listing on the internet, not all homes on the market like F.S.B.O.’s (For Sale by Owner) are listed, this is because people selling their home by themselves do not have access to the MLS system to list their homes, but a local Realtor will have a list of these available properties. In addition, your local real estate agent may also know of homes that recently posted to the MLS but have not been updated by the property search online, and in some cases home owners prefer not to list their home online, or with the MLS because they are not comfortable with people driving by or stopping by when they are not home. Your local real estate agent will point out these often hidden gems, allowing you to take advantage of your local agents inside knowledge and widen your choice of quality homes.
Working with a Realtor will offer you certain advantages when looking for a home because Realtors have access to the MLS. With the MLS system a Realtor can provide inside local knowledge about a house such as: the homes original listing price, how long it has been on the market, if the property was re-listed, access to comparative market analysis for homes in the area or if a home is in foreclosure or bank owned.
Your Buyer Agent’s Local Knowledge is Valuable
Working in a local market a Realtor in many cases has already shown the house or attended a previous open house at the home or property you are interested in. A Realtor will often have valued information you may not have easy access to like knowing that roof or driveway is in bad shape, the kitchen is way out-dated or that the great picture online has omitted the gas station to the right. All this insider local knowledge can really help you when looking for that perfect property; it can save you time by weeding out the unwanted or undesirable properties and even save you some money when it comes to making an offer.
A Realtor often works and lives in the local area that you are looking to buy a home in. A local Realtor has an advantage of Knowing the community, knowing which streets are too busy for children, if the property is under a flight path, or if the neighborhood is undesirable. Your local Realtor will also often know if the closest grocery store is 5 miles or 50 miles away, where the best local places to dine out are and how the local nightlife is. Because your local Realtor lives in the community, they will know the location of churches, local community centers, official offices and other useful places of interest.
If you are re-locating from another community a local realtor will know people in the community and may be able to recommend a local mortgage broker that previous customers have had success with, quality andreasonably priced real estate lawyers, trusted home inspectors and many other services that can make your home buying process easier and less stressful.
It is important to remember, when you decide to start looking for a home, don’t worry about finding the perfect home, your local real estate agent can do all the worrying, searching and homework for you and as your buyer agent they will do all of this at no cost.
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